Turn-Key Solution

High quality raw materials are used for the construction of modular units to deliver world-class products. End-users satisfaction is guaranteed by excellent resistance to atmospheric conditions, along with a high level of acoustic, thermal and fire insulation of the units.
Production and assembly phases are characterised by high quality control and detailed design to allow the continous growth of R.I. S.p.A., which now ranks among the world’s top producers. 

Civil works, Lodgings, Offices, Kitchens, Canteens, Technological Systems, Gyms, Places of Worship, Schools.

R.I. S.p.A. offers its clients a comprehensive and reliable service, due to a variety of construction solutions, ranging from basic modules for construction sites to high quality end-users buildings. The Camp is equipped with state of-the-art plants and structural systems ensuring high security standards.

R.I. S.p.A. is specialised in the production and installation of main-gate solutions equipped with video surveillance and anti-intrusion systems in extreme environments, for the protection of both civil and military structures.

R.I. S.p.A. offers a wide selection of passive defense solutions, for instance: fences of wire netting and concertina coil with razor barbed wire, HESCO Bastions, “T-Wall” barriers, steel and reinforced concrete bunkers, watch towers.

R.I. S.p.A. is specialised in providing kitchens and dining halls, including the provision of furnishings and appliances necessary to make them fully operational. All components are supplied by world’s leading manufacturers and always in accordance with the highest hygiene and safety standards.

R.I. S.p.A. completes the construction of its buildings with civil engineering works, urbanisations works and technological installations like electrical, plumbing, wastewater, telephone and LAN networks, video surveillance systems, and fire fighting and alarm systems.


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