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Ours is an adventure that began long ago, in 1973, in a suburban cottage in Leverano, southern Italy, used as an innovative workshop by a 20-year old father of three children who spent the nights dreaming and the days designing. This artisan became a successful entrepreneur, and created the RI GROUP.

Since the beginning, Salvatore Tafuro believed in the merits of “Sistema Italia” and contributes much of the company’s success to these standards of design, coupled with integrity and professionalism. Today RI, has over 130 employees in ITALY and abroad, and is one of the leading companies in the defence and civil sectors.
The RI GROUP includes factories and offices all over the world from Kosovo to Lebanon, Djibouti to the UAE, and consolidated activities in emergency zones such as Haiti, Iraq and Afghanistan; testimony of R.I.’s international capacity and commitment.
Business, yes, but also and above all a significant contribution to the development of local economies through the creation of joint ventures, training and professionalization of local personnel and synergies with local governments, institutions and international bodies (UN, the European Union, NATO).

A shared project

Thanks to his commitment, dedication, integrity and teamwork, Salvatore Tafuro has made R.I. Group one of the Italian companies recognised and appreciated worldwide for the quality of its products. Over the years, Salvatore has passed on to his four children the passion and the values on which the Group’s growth is based and today Cosimo, Lorenzo, Antonio and Emanuele manage the company with him.

The choice of highly specialised partners, and creation of a team with whom to share common values and objectives, has allowed the company to develop and compete successfully in national and international markets. Over the years R.I. has developed an industrial know-how that has made the group one of the world leaders in the design and production of modular structures and technological shelters.

Its focus on research and innovation, its ability to operate in emergency situations and disadvantaged locations, and the contribution that RI is able to make to the development of local economies, all represent pillars of strength and uniqueness.
RI continues to represent the Sistema Italia around the world and the RI brand is increasingly recognised as a synonym for excellence, quality and reliability.


Lorenzo Tafuro Chief Executive Officer
Salvatore Tafuro Chairman


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