Role 2B MTF Field Hospital

General Features

In the military field: medical treatment facilities are modular structures characterized by different levels of mobility according to the types of healthcare services facilitated. They are defined by a number that corresponds to the specific medical support capacity.
Role 2 Basic, designed in accordance with nato doctrine, this tool is primarily designed to support operations outside the national territory.  However it has a dual capacity, in that it can be effectively used in emergency situations and for relief interventions in national disasters.

The Role 2 is the most effective military hospital, particularly in areas of operations where the soldiers are involved in clashes with enemy forces or terrorist attacks. additionally, it can also be used for civil purposes, to expand capacity.
There are two types of Role 2:

  • Basic: this level facilitates "damage control surgery" with the following modules: emergency, admission, surgery, hospitalization, recovery, diagnostics, and an initial supply of medication and management support.
  • Enhanced: "basic" provisions as well as: analysis laboratories with medical analyst, pharmacy with pharmacist, additional medicine, isolation and bio-containment, dentistry and mental health modules.

The Role 2B, created by, is a strategic mix of interconnected soft and hard modules capable of guaranteeing simplicity and versatility to create configurations and arrangements that vary according to the needs of the operation.


  • Medical triage
  • Management
  • Emergency room
  • Radiology lab
  • Echography lab
  • Surgical preparation
  • Surgery
  • Oxygen generator shelter
  • Surgical ward
  • Snalysis lab
  • Farmacy
  • Farmaci warehouse
  • HVAC room
  • Sterilizing room


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