Quarantine Center

General features

The quarantine center meets all international standards for prevention, quarantine and intensive care. In order to face the needs of control, containment, strengthening of the sanitary cordon and facilitate the treatment against infectious diseases, R.I. Spa has designed and developed a sheltered enclosure configuring it in a mobile unit for the management of the quarantine or medical isolation in class Q similar to the level of BIOSECURITY 4 or P4. The characteristics of the Mobile Quarantine Unit meet the requirements of the guidelines published by the Victorian Advisory Committee on Infection Control, VCFG.


  • Pressure flow anomaly alarm;
  • Self-closing interlocked doors;
  • Shower and toilet for the patient;
  • Independent aeraulic ducts complete with HEPA H13 filters;
  • Video-phone communication system with the patient;
  • Darkened window;
  • Pre-wired bed head beam;
  • Pre-wired electrical system;
  • Emergency lighting system;
  • Fire sensors;
  • UPS;
  • Thermostat;
  • Hood for medical gas cylinders.
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