Military Techno Shelter

General Features

Shelter tecnologici mobili a supporto della sicurezza militare nell’ambito di TLC, controllo e presidio varchi, ecc.

Main Equipments

  • Refrigerator Shelter
  • Ammunition Shelter
  • Laboratory Shelter
  • Laundry Shelter
  • Diesel Tank Shelter
  • Water Treatment Shelter
  • Command Post Shelter
  • Gate Control Shelter
  • Emi Shielded Shelter
> Field toilet shelter
Field toilet shelter
Ablution Shelter: complete sanitary facilities, with efficient water management cycles and solar heating system. read more →
> Surbunker Shelter
Surbunker Shelter
Armored military structures that meet all international safety and security requirements. read more →
Water purifier Shelter
Water purification plant. read more →
> Water purifier Shelter
> Shelter gate control
Shelter gate control
Shelters equipped with scanners for checking people and baggage entering and exiting sensitive areas of the camp. read more →
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