Military Compound

General Features

R.I. Group builds entire turnkey compounds even in remote and disadvantaged areas, ensuring timely interventions in any emergency situation.
These include: urbanization works, housing, offices, kitchens, canteens, technological systems, gyms, places of worship, and schools. Use of the highest quality raw materials ensures a final product guaranteed over time, to be anti-seismic, resistant to atmospheric agents, with high acoustic and thermal insulation and fire resistance. We also value a high standard of comfort for our end users.
Accurate design and quality controls during all stages of production and assembly of materials have helped the company to achieve consistent growth, placing it among the top producers in the world.  

> Accommodations
Housing complexes complete with furnishings and services, multi-storey and energy-efficient read more →
Modules intended for office use, with organized spaces and workstations complete with all the necessary wiring. read more →
> Offices
> Military Canteen
Military Canteen
Large spaces organized for refreshments, complete with counters for administration and furniture for the consumption of meals. read more →
Professional kitchens equipped with each element and of variable dimensions according to the needs of each single compound. read more →
> Kitchen
> Laundry
Laundry rooms, equipped with high energy efficiency appliances, connected to the network for the drainage of black water. read more →
Ablution Shelter
Complete sanitary facilities, with efficient water management cycles and solar heating systems. read more →
> Ablution Shelter
> Gym
Environments dedicated to physical training, divided into training areas complete with equipment, changing rooms and services. read more →
Mechanical Workshop
Sheds equipped and intended for vehicle maintenance. read more →
> Mechanical Workshop
> Civil Works
Civil Works
We carry out all preparatory work required for the installation of the various sectors of the compounds. read more →
Generator Sets
We supply and install electricity generation plants capable of supporting the needs of the entire field. read more →
> Generator Sets
> Technical Plants
Technical Plants
We supply and install all the technical systems necessary for water collection, distribution and water supply. read more →
After installation, we provide a constant and periodic maintenance service of all compound installations. read more →
> Maintenance
> Main Gate Control
Main Gate Control
Shelters equipped with scanners for checking people and baggage entering and exiting sensitive areas of the camp. read more →
Ammunition Reserves
We design and install premises for ammunition storage. read more →
> Ammunition Reserves
> Armory
Shelters intended for the storage of weapons complete with lockers and accommodation for their placement. read more →
Video Surveillance
All compounds are equipped with closed-circuit video surveillance systems and high-tech cabinets for control and monitoring. read more →
> Video Surveillance
> Armoured sentry boxes and turrets
Armoured sentry boxes and turrets
Armed and armored sentry boxes suitable for use in military compounds and prestigious urban contexts. read more →
Telescopic Armored Towers
Armored structures, for passive or active defense. Automated and manual telescopic towers. read more →
> Telescopic Armored Towers
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