Medical Test Laboratory Shelter

General Features

The medical laboratory has been realized in a special 20’ container equipped with all the technical solutions to transported by ship, train or by aircraft. It assures a fast deployment and it is functionally autonomous. 


  • The laboratory is equipped with hydrauilic raising system able to work with the electrical power provided by the mains, genset or by a 24 V DC sources (typically the battery of the trucks).
  • The genset on board has wheels and can be extracted, the modern electrical control panel has a useful automatic/manual change over switch mains/genset.
  • The laboratory has pumps and tanks for the clear and waste water, UPS, isolation safety transformer, a hydraulic raising system control panel, a fire detection devices with an acoustical and lamp alarm light.
  • To complete the supply are provided desks, stools, chest of drawers, locker, stainless steel wash basin and an adequate electrical plant, electrical panel, telephonic, data network and air conditioner  
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