General Features

The Mantower is self-contained in a ISO 1C (6058 x 2438 x 2438mm) standard container to be easily moved during the transportation opeartions. This approach allow a safe, cheap way to move the unit to a final destinatio. At final destination site, with easy hand operation and by the use of an electrical lifter included in the base container, the ManTower can be mounted and can be set at different heights by simply acting on lifters and by easy operation of assembly/disassembly. There are 4 configurations of different heights from the level ground: 2m, 4m 6m and 8m obtainable by adding/removing 2m high single modules. Towers can be quickly reduced to a lower height.


  • Easy installation in all logistic conditions
  • Time saving installation
  • no use of crane/scaffolding for elevation of the observation room
  • no foundations required (savinf of time, costs and extra works)
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