Field Kitchens

General Characteristics

The mobile field kitchen for 200 rations comes complete with equipment and accessories (hereinafter referred to as ofk.06) and represents a permanent solution to satisfy the needs of the military catering service personnel who must operate in the safest, fastest, most hygienic and simplest way in difficult field conditions.
The OFK.06 mobile field kitchen is mounted on a single-axle two-wheeled trolley. It is capable of serving 200 rations, and is equipped with removable work benches and cooking units for maximum flexibility and variety in preparation.
Thanks to the special design of the equipment in the kitchen, meals can be served either by reheating ready-made food on site by 2 cooks, who are able to prepare a three-course menu of 200 rations in 2 hours.


  • Power supply
  • Water system
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