> Surbunker
Armored military structures that meet all international safety and security requirements. read more →
Military Compound
A turnkey solution: complete military compounds for military missions in remote and disadvantaged areas. read more →
> Military Compound
> Field Kitchens
Field Kitchens
Canteens and field kitchens, intended for civil and military use, capable of preparing meals for over 200 people. read more →
Armoured sentry boxes and turrets
Armed and armored sentry boxes suitable for use in military compounds and prestigious urban contexts. read more →
> Armoured sentry boxes and turrets
> Telescopic Armored Towers
Telescopic Armored Towers
Armored structures, for passive or active defense. Automated and manual telescopic towers. read more →
Gate control
Shelters equipped with scanners for checking people and baggage entering and exiting sensitive areas of the camp. read more →
> Gate control
> Military Techno Shelter
Military Techno Shelter
Mobile technological shelters to support military security in the context, for example, of TLC, control and control of passages. read more →
Turn-Key Solution
Entire turn-key compounds even in remote and disadvantaged areas, with timely interventions in any emergency situation. read more →
> Turn-Key Solution
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