Armoured sentry boxes

General Characteristics

R.I. is specialized in the construction of turrets and armored sentry boxes suitable for use in many places, from military compounds to prestigious urban contexts.
The sentry boxes are made to order, customised according to the needs and requests of each individual customer. The supporting structure is completely welded and made of bulletproof steel compliant with UNI EN 1522 FB6 standards and glass according to UNI EN 1063 BR6 / NS standards.
In the upper part it is equipped with windows made from approved bulletproof crystals, positioned within a hot galvanized frame and fixed with glazing beads, suitably coated and fixed inside the structure to avoid the possibility of external tampering.


  • Fire Slot
  • armor plating
  • Bulletproof crystals
  • Internal ventilation
  • Air conditioning system
  • Internal electrical system
  • Alarm system


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